About Gabi

For my next post, I thought I should start off with a little about my own personal story! The current chapter in my life is all about college. I am a student studying Criminal Justice, Finance, and Spanish (I know I am all over the place) and I will be graduating next May. I am graduating in three years which is quite honestly bittersweet but I am excited to see what the next page of my book has in-store for me. Who knows, maybe Australia is a part of that next chapter. I am originally from Colorado, and although this was a great place to grow up I am a southern girl at heart. My whole family resides in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. I was raised by two, strong, independent but benevolent parents and I have a teenage brother that is an all-star in about everything he does – especially sport. As of right now I am attempting that diet switch from poor college kid that only eats ramen, to the more health conscious version of the twenty side. That being said, all ideas on new recipes and food to try will definitely benefit me so please please please leave me some comments and tips on that! Aid my health kick! I am obsessed with yogurt covered pretzels and popcorn though if we are talking snacks. To continue my cry for help, I also would welcome tips from anyone familiar with Australia, New Zealand, or Bali before I kick off this crazy new adventure. A little more about my current life, in the last year I was an author for the Tab and the Odyssey. I have always had a passion for writing, so blogging is already so fun for me. My other commitment in life is my sorority! I love being a part of a group of incredible women and honestly without my sorority I would not have met some of the greatest and most accomplished women that I have encountered. I am in Kappa Alpha Theta for anyone familiar with Greek life, and I love talking about my experiences with it so any questions on that I am also willing to elaborate on. I like to think I am just a giant ball of spunk, and have been since around the age two. I could go on and on about childhood stories but let’s just say they range from asking my dad in all seriousness if “trees pee” and being bribed with a dog so my parents were “allowed” to keep my brother (maybe there will have to be a separate post on those stories…). I was always a character, and I hope Australia is able to bring that child in me back out again in a sense. I think all of us get excited to start a new chapter no matter how scary it can be sometimes but I am so ready for this next great adventure!

-xoxo Gabi­­

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