The Thing About Angels Landing…

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Zion National Park out in Utah. It was a six-hour drive from me, which is not too miserable, easily doable with good company and good snacks. Those essentials can make any ride. We arrived in Springdale, where we stayed, late Friday night, I would say about two. This did not stop us from getting up at five anyways to be the first in the park – one thing about me is I DO NOT do lines, I am so impatient with that kind of stuff, a serious flaw of mine. We did the majority of our hiking on Saturday, if you want the details of any of those hikes or information on them, comment and let me know and I would be happy to write about them too, but the hike most of my focus has been on is Angel Landing. Angels Landing is an infamous hike in Zion National Park and even around the Unites States. We got up early Sunday morning to do this one, because when it really becomes dangerous is when the crowds of inexperienced hikers roll in. For those of you that do not know anything about Angels Landing, it is a rated five hike, known as difficult and has claimed the lives of five people along with many reports of close calls. I am including all of this as a warning/disclaimer not to deter you from attempting this breathtaking hike. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike and I am so glad I mustered up the courage to complete it even though I almost peed myself a couple of times. It is not a hike for the faint hearted. Essentially Angels Landing starts off like any other hike you can take in the park. You travel through some forest areas and at this time of year it was straight out of watercolor painting. The greenery a stark contrast to the reddish rocks, just striking. Then you move into “Walter’s Wiggles” a series of steep switchback which knock the wind out of you. The real challenge begins when you get to the top of the wiggles though. The hike turns into a steep journey, you travel up slick, loose rocks on a narrow path. The path has no railings preventing anyone from the fall off the monumental cliffs. The only safety precaution are chains welded into the side of the mountain to grasp onto as you scramble up the landing. With careful footing and always remaining on your toes, it is not too challenging of a feat to the top. The trouble arrives when it becomes crowded and people begin to try and pass one another coming up and down. Now that I got the scary stuff out of the way… The view is the most incredible thing I have yet to witness in my life (and I am normally a beach girl). It looks like a scene out of Jurassic World or the setting of Avatar. The colors are absolutely incredible, and the structures are something out of a fairy tale book. I would recommend this hike to anyone capable of accomplishing it just so they can take an hour to sit at the top and soak in the beauty this world has to offer. This is hands down my favorite hike and I do not see any other hike I take being able to top it. If y’all would like any more details about my Zion trip or about other hikes in the park let me know! I also have some pretty Zion pictures I posted yesterday y’all can look through and I attached a few more here! What are your favorite hikes? Can anyone give me a good recommendation for my next trip?



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