Plans for the Adventure

Since I officially moving myself out to Australia next week, I thought now would be a good time to let everyone know the plans I have thus far for my time there. I am living in Gold Coast where I will be taking a few classes to finish off my last year of college. My schedule is light which leaves me plenty of time to travel on the weekends. That is what I want to do with most of my time, explore. I would like to get to a lot of different places and most of them are bucket list places for me (I am going to leave a list of places below and if anyone has any tips or suggestions to give me some more through information it would be appreciated). I want to knock out as much as I can in six months. I am most excited because one of my closet friends is coming to visit me! I have had a few pictures of her on the blog already but believe me, you will be seeing a lot more of her in August. She is visiting for the entire month and for all the weekends that she is with me I plan on doing weekend trips out of Gold Coast. Another exciting note is my dad is coming to visit! He is coming in the month of October and we would really love to venture out of Australia too. I am thinking New Zealand and maybe some Asian countries. These trips are completely up in the air and I would love some input on best places to go and cheapest places to fly or stay. Without further adieu…


-Karanijni National Park

-Joffre Falls

-Kalamina Gorge

-Wave Rock (is this super touristy?)

-Shark Bay (is it safe, is it worth it?)

-Ebor Falls

-Royal National Park

-Figure 8 Pool

-Great Barrier Reef (what is the best and cheapest way to experience this? Are shark dives cool and affordable)

-Springbrook National Park

(Are all the national parks super expensive, and should you camp?)



-Elephant Rock (is this hard to get to?)

-Abel Tasman National Park

-South Island

-Thermal Reserve

-Arthur’s Pass National Park

-Mermaid Pools

-Turquoise Glacier Melt

-Cathedral Cove

-Lost Thermal Pools

-Champagne Pools

-Glowworm caves

(Is October a good month to visit these places?)



-flower petal spa and bath (total clique but looks so relaxing)

*I need way more suggestions on places to visit here. I have not done as much research on the areas and must-see attractions.

Thanks again to my fellow traveler friends for all your help and tips so far, they have been so helpful and have really calmed me down in such an intimidating journey!



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