Adventures in Byron

My Review on Byron Bay New South Wales Australia:

I got the splendid opportunity this weekend to have a getaway in Byron Bay in New South Wales. I was more than excited (or as the aussies say “keen”) since the girls I am living with currently have been raving about their experience in the bay a couple weeks before. Byron is only an hour and a half drive from where I am currently living, which is basically nothing compared to everywhere else I want to adventure to. We left Gold Coast at about five in the evening on Friday, so we arrived at the hostel we stayed at, Byron Bay Beach Hostel (which should not even be considered a hostel with how nice it was I felt like I was in a hotel) we changed quick and headed out to dinner at Cheeky Monkey Restaurant and Bar. This was a great way to kick off the weekend. They served us dinner and then the cool thing about this place is after dinner they clear the dining area and the tables became a dance floor. I got especially lucky because they were having a special night where it was a paint party! I had a great time at Cheeky and would recommend it to anyone staying in Byron for at least one night out.

I got up the next day, and my luck again, Byron was having a beachfront market that I believe they only do monthly or something along those lines. I explored the market all throughout Saturday morning and even bought the cutest little bikini. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a sucker for festivals and markets. I just love walking around and getting the authentic food while supporting local businesses, coming from my own local business that I work for, Ranch Bucket. I explored Byron a lot on Saturday, got some beach time in, and checked out various shops. I went to two different restaurants on Saturday. For lunch, I went to Slo-Mo Joes and for dinner we went to Main Street Burger. Slo-Mo Joes was just around the corner from our hostel and my friend Veronica and I decided to try it on a whim… I am sure glad I did. Veronica got the most immaculate looking eggs benedict, and I being the child that I am, got mac and cheese. Not just any mac and cheese though, it was topped with bread crust and bacon. This mac and cheese had to be in my top five favorite mac and cheeses – and trust me I have had a lot of mac and cheeses – I would definitely recommend this place for brunch or lunch it’s easy to miss since it is down an alley but they even warmed up their homemade walnut brownies for me and they were impeccable. I also made a stop at Main Street Burgers. The highlight of this for me was the as they call them “chips” which to us American are fries, but these fries had the best seasoning with a mayo garlic sauce on the side. Just talking about them is making me crave them.

If you are looking for more night life besides Cheeky Monkey, Woody’s Surf Shack is my groups personal favorite.  That is where I spent my Saturday night and I have to say the staff was so friendly and all of my friends who tagged along had a blast.

My last day, I got up early in the morning and went ocean kayaking through Go Sea Kayaking, but if you are not into Kayaking there were many other activities like snorkeling and even skydiving, but since I have already been skydiving back home in Colorado, and I am a baby when it comes to cold water, kayaking kept me dry enough. My roommates did snorkel though and saw sooo much wildlife, just freezed their little booty’s off. While kayaking we saw quite a few whales. This is the time they are migrating through this area of Australia to get to warmer water to have their little whale babies. That was super cool to see and learn about! After that I relaxed on the beach a little before heading back to my home away from home. All in all, an incredible weekend well spent in a beautiful place. If any of you have further questions about the trip or Byron leave me a comment or send me a message!



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