Australia Zoo

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with Steve Irwin. I grew up watching The Crocodile Hunter with my dad, and I think the words “I want Steve Irwin to be my dad,” have even escaped my lips at some younger, more desperate, points of my childhood. Like many people across the world, I was devastated by Irwin’s death and heartbroken for his two children and his wife. He was such a big part of my childhood and a monumental influencer on my outlook on nature and wildlife. He really fostered the respect I now have for wildlife today. I would never claim to be an activist per say, but I do feel like there are so many things to do on the forefront of our treatment as a society of animals. Animal testing for man-made products, the issues related to animal fur, and even the inhumane way we slaughter animals are all sectors in society that could use advancement. I am not vegan or vegetarian of any sorts, I love my meats, but I wish we were more humane about the way we get it than the horror movie styles we see in the typical slaughter house. One of my favorite things about Steve Irwin was his respect for the animals he dealt with and his understanding of how dangerous yet essential they can be and are to our environments.

Aside from that huge rant/tangent, being in Australia I could not pass up the opportunity to go to the Australia Zoo which was founded by the Irwin’s and the national zoo of Australia. To say the least, who knew a zoo could be one of the best days of my life. I 10/10 suggest visiting this zoo if you are ever in Australia. I am sure I enjoyed it a little more than the average human being because of the emotional connection behind it for me, but regardless it was so special to see a ton of new creatures that I had never seen in person before. This zoo is so different than any zoo I have ever been to in the states. I got to see a baby koala gripping to his mom, crocodiles, alligators, tasmanian devils (which are sooo weird), dingos (basically look like you average dogs), hundreds and hundreds of kangaroos, and I even got to see a baby wallaby in his mom’s pouch, fresh and new with no hair which was kind of bizarre. My absolute favorite animals are actually wombats. They are on the endangered list and there are only 115 still in existence that people know of. I had never seen one before that day and I can honestly say I fangirled over a wombat. I think seeing the wombats was a peak moment in my life.  Overall it was a superb day with good friends and a unique life experience that I get to take with me. Always a good time getting away for the day and exploring all that the world has to offer.




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