Do Trees Pee?

I thought it might be fun to share some childhood stories, something a little different than my normal travel material, maybe even a pick-me-up for those in need of a good laugh. Needless to say, I was sometimes quite the outrageous child, and for some of you that know me, you probably cannot find that too hard to believe. So, I was thinking I will try out one story on y’all and if you liked it I can tell you more! Believe me I have plenty.

I was a pretty inquisitive child growing up. I was not afraid to talk to homeless people, was not afraid to wander off on my own, and certainly had no problem asking the “tough” questions that no one else wanted to ask. I had no filter, still don’t sometimes. We spent many days of my childhood in the mountains skiing and exploring. On our way up to the mountains one weekend we were driving along with my mom and dad in the front playing something upbeat on the radio I am sure, me in the back in my carseat. The way my mom tells this story is that she glanced back to looking into the rearview mirror to check up on what I was doing. I was longingly glancing out my window unlike you would see most four-year old’s do, and I was in deep contemplation. Supposedly I looked pretty serious, and almost somewhat distraught. Naturally she asked me what was wrong, I think out of pure curiosity, desiring to know the thoughts that were overwhelming me and filling my head as a young child. What came out of my mouth next I do not believe was what I think either of parents honestly expected me to ask them that afternoon.

“Do trees pee?”

I asked this in the most serious tone. My parents at first did not know how to respond to my question. They chuckled a little finding it funny like most adults do when children say ‘the darndest things’ but then they started to really wonder about how to respond to a young child. Do trees pee? This sparked an argument between the two, the whole basis of the argument was tree sap. Is tree sap a form of pee for trees, like the bodily function of a living thing? I would like to think I inspired pure intellectual thought and a stimulating conversation that day for them. What do y’all think? Do trees pee?



Let me know in my messages if you want to hear another one! Have a fabulous week guys!

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