Review: Noosa National Park

Review: Noosa National Park

The Fairy pools

Anyone who gets the chance to spend some time in Queensland should take a bit of time to venture up to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. I have done a review of Byron before, and I like to think these two go hand in hand. Although I enjoyed the shopping in Byron more, and Byron is a little more hippie and laid back, I would say Noosa is a more classic or upscale version of Byron Bay. I absolutely loved this quaint little beach town. Per usual, I have nothing but high regards for all the places I ate at. They had a plethora of places to eat with live music, which I am absolutely head over heels in love with. My favorite part of this weekend getaway though was the beach, the national park, and the fairy pools. The beaches were close to flawless and the national park was very unique. The park essentially took you on a bush walk throughout the head of the coastline. It was sand for the majority of the walk which made it kind of tricky to walk on after a while, but a good exercise none the less. If you go when it is quiet you can see koalas in their natural habitat which is incredible, and we even saw a gila monster. Drum roll please… my favorite part… the fairy pools! I felt like I was in a dream, first off let me say I have no idea why they are called fairy pools when in my opinion if we are talking about mythical creatures, these things are made for mermaids. The color of the water was unreal, crystal clear, and relatively warm. What I found to be the coolest part of the fairy pools was the ability to see all of the marine life within them. They were so colourful and alive. Little fish swam around everywhere, darting back and forth and sea urchins clung to the sides of the rocks; I even saw something that resembled a sea tarantula. These pools were not too hard to get to just a little climb and they were not unbearably crowded. We went early enough that we had an hour or so of them all to ourselves before our party was crashed by more tourists. We hung out there for quite a few hours; it was even an impeccable tanning spot.

IF I had to rate all of my adventures so far, there would have to be two different scales:

a beauty aspect/breathtaking…

Whit Sundays, Queensland

Noosa Sunshine Coast

Burleigh Heads

Mount Warning, New South Wales

Springbrook National Park

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Gold Coast, Queensland


Favorite trip/activity

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Australia Zoo

Whit Sundays Queensland

Burleigh Heads

Springbrook National Park

Noosa Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast Queensland

Mount Warning New South Wales


If y’all have any questions let me know and I’ll leave some links to different activities and national parks I have done below along with the link to my Byron Bay post!


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