Review: Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park should be on your list of places to visit if you are in Queensland. It is a beautiful place to explore, with plenty of ground to cover and differing aspects of nature. I spent a day there roaming and hiking through its beautiful forests and I was not disappointed. We went in August so the temperature was perfect for hiking. Not too hot, not too cold with a nice breeze and sunlight peeking through the leaves and branches up above us. The trees were the most fascinating aspect to me. They were trees like I had never seen before and many were even hollowed out, making it where we could get inside them or stand in them. You could tell they were hundreds of years old if not more, which is always mind boggling to me, I always remember as a small child counting the rings on the inside of chopped down tree to figure out how old they were.  We hiked all around but my favorite was the hike to the bottom of the waterfall. It is not too difficult of a hike, and the water is something like I have never seen. The water was green, like moss. Against a black rock background. It reminded me of Hawaii a lot, which was fitting since I went with my good friend Veronica who is from Hawaii and my boyfriend.

The waterfall was not incredibly large but beautiful nonetheless. The water was FREEZING, at this time of year no one was getting in. It was even too cold to stand next to for a long period of time. We got some good pictures though before moving out of the way and off the very slippery rocks. There were plenty of trails and plenty of things to do in Springbrook. I enjoyed meandering through different pathways. It was not far from the Gold Coast where I live, so that was nice as well since I constantly find myself driving and flying all over the place to see all that I have to see.

I really liked these hikes and the location better than Mount Warning. It just was more versatile and I felt like I had more control over my pace and the difficultly level. All ages and skill levels can explore this park and even if you do not want to walk around or hike you can drive through many portions of the national forest. The drive up into the park was probably one of the most beautiful experiences. It reminded me of the Redwood Forest up in California. If you look close enough you can maybe even see some kangaroos!




Mount Warning Review:


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