Devil’s Bridge

This past weekend I went on a roadtrip through Arizona. Contrary to the fact that I have lived in Arizona for three years, I have hardly seen any of this spectacular state. One of the highlights from the trip was hiking Devil’s Bridge in Sedona. I am absolutely in love with Sedona and this hike was only one of the many that Sedona has to offer.

We decided to hike right before sunset, which was a fail on our part because we were on the wrong side of the mountain to watch the sunset properly.  Nonetheless it was still beautiful, and the sky still filled with the most beautiful lighting and colors. This hike is an easy hike for all ages and skill levels.  It was about 25 to 30 minutes roundtrip if you do not include the time that we spent at the bridge.

The hike starts at a parking lot, but you also have the option with the right vehicle, to off-road to the trail head. Our Jeep Liberty could have made it all the way, but we only took it about half way until we pulled off to walk the rest of the dirt road. Eventually you will hit the trail head. Everything is well marked and there is only one semi difficult part where you have to scale some rock steps. Besides that it is just a dirt trail with slight inclines along the way.

Once at the top there are amazing views. Even in December, there was no snow, it was relatively warm, and everything was so green. The bridge itself was exhilarating. It can be somewhat scary for people that have a fear of heights but besides that it is just awesome. Sedona has the most breathtaking color scheme, ranging from the greenery to the red rocks.  It really reminded me of my hikes in Zion National Park in Utah, and quite frankly the colors are some of my favorite natural color combinations.

I would highly recommend this hike to anyone and will most likely make an attempt to visit and do it again!




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