The Painted Desert

Part 2: I visited the Painted Desert on my way back from the Grand Canyon. This is one of the coolest natural things I have yet to see in my twenty-one years of life. The colors range from pink to black, the pink rocks having bands of lavender and beige running through them, and the black weaving through reds and blues that take on an almost volcanic look to them.

This is something you can drive through and it stretches for miles in Northern Arizona. There are a variety of stops to get out of the car and look at the different hill ranges that have so magically formed within the desert. To drive the whole length of The Painted Desert I would say was about one or two hours depending on how much time you spend getting out of the car.

This is a rarity, since it is national park but is viable for anyone since you can be in the car the whole time or hike around. There are a couple of legitimate hikes ranging from less than a mile to four miles I believe, so it still can appeal to my avid hikers that read the blog. To this day I do not believe I have seen anything like it. It is not comparable to any other of my blog locations we have discussed thus far, but I will let y’all know if that changes. I am going to include pictures below but just a sneak peak to inspire you to go check it out on your own!



The Painted Desert

The Hats

Part One of the Arizona Road trip

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