Hawaii Part 2

Day 3

6am we were standing under a green umbrella waiting for a bus to take us to our catamaran. When the driver got there, we boarded the bus only to find out that I had grossly misinterpreted the voucher. Turns out Island Adventure + Snorkeling with Turtles did not mean it would be on a boat, even if the picture on the website showed a child snorkeling with a boat in the background. Instead, the bus took us around the island, stopping at more iconic (tourist) locations and giving us time to get off and look around (buy souvenirs). The tour was nice and allowed us to see places on the island that we would not have seen otherwise, but it was a bit bitter sweet since we did have the car and could have seen what we wanted to on our own time! I would recommend renting a car just because it allows for more freedom in what you can see and do! Tours can be awesome, but you are not on your schedule. Our bus driver was very friendly and gave us places away from the common tourist locations. If you’re ever in Oahu, consider going to Kailua Beach or Waimanalo Beach Park. We were not able to make it but they both looked beautiful and away from the mobs of tourist that you find in Honolulu!

We stopped on the Northshore shrimp stands and ate some delicious shrimp cocktails. It was a bit cold so while Jenny decided to go snorkeling, I read a book on the beach. She left an hour later having swam with the turtles and I left an hour later, having ditched the book to take a nap. (I promise that I do other things besides sleep and eat). We got back on the bus and made it to the place that I was probably more excited to see than I should be. The Dole Plantation! I can say now that if pineapples are not your thing, do not do it. Also, if tourist traps are also not your thing, maybe you should skip it too. I was glad we got the opportunity to go but I would not have chosen to go on my own! But I got an extra-large pineapple juice and walked through a pineapple shaped maze so I was content. From the Dole Plantation, we drove back to Waikiki.

After a day of driving around, we were lazy and tired so we grabbed Rainbow’s (a drive in restaurant) and took it to go. I would like to say we sat on a cliff and watched the sunset, but we did not. Au contraire, we returned to our Airbnb and watched Moana on my laptop. Sometimes you just need a nice cozy bed.


Hawaii Spring Break! The Intro


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