Boca Grande Key

For my spring break this year, I was lucky enough to be able to go to this beautiful island located in the south of Florida called Boca Grande. We spent three days and two nights on a small island that was 7 miles long and only about a mile wide. The fishing there is absolutely amazing all year-round.

Every single year the largest fishing tournament for tarpon is held on this island and it is one of the reasons why Boca Grande is the fishing capital of the world. Besides the amazing fishing the food there is also to die for. For lunch on the first day we took the boat to an island in the middle of the bay where there is a restaurant known for amazing cheeseburgers, called Cabbage Key. The burgers where by far the best I have ever had, I’ll link their menu below!

For dinner one night we went into the town to a restaurant call The Temptation. I got to try soft shell crab for the first time and it was fantastic for an appetizer. For dinner I had a tuna filet seared in spices severed on top of a seaweed salad it was just divine. While being out on the boat fishing and tanning I was lucky enough to have my Ranch Bucket help keep the sun out of my eyes but also keep my head cool and not sweat. My boyfriend’s family kept fighting over the hat and insisted that they had to get one for themselves for the boat. Over all the trip was amazing I cannot wait to go back for more amazing food and amazing fishing to tell you guys about next time!

Vitamin Sea is truly the best medicine 💛

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Cabbage Key Dining

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