Florida Adventures

Florida Adventures


The past weekend has been filled with exhilaration and adventure throughout the city of Orlando. The weekend started off by heading down to Lake Claire, where a friend and I go to beat the heat in this sunny Florida weather. Recently Florida heat has been back on its mojo, so what better way to spend the afternoon then going kayaking and paddle boarding on the gorgeous lake. Wildlife was swarming the banks of the lake ranging from birds flying around to raccoons searching for little fish in the water. I would stop paddling to lay down and tan, resting my blue Ranch Bucket hat on my face to block out the sun. This is the best way to meditate with nature to relieve all kinds of stress, especially for college students.

The day after that we decided to spend the day at Universal Studios. The weather was perfect to go on roller coasters, water rides, see simulators, and wander through the world of Harry Potter. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, nothing, and I mean nothing is better than the frozen Butter Beer with its sweet cream on top. I highly recommend people to go to Universal or Disney to have a theme park adventure filled with happiness.

What is the best way to end a terrific weekend? Beach day!

Cocoa Beach is only fifty minutes away from University of Central Florida and the temperature was a high of 82 degrees. The towels were laid out on the soft mounds of sand away from the shoreline, where the chilling water washes up new shells. I wore my orange Belize hat to match the bikini I was wearing that day, paired with bright blue ray bans to protect from uv-rays. The salt water and sand felt great between my toes as I watched the horizon across the Atlantic. It was the perfect ending to an adventurous weekend surrounding by great friends.

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Part 3 San Francisco

Part 3 San Francisco

Final day! Sorry for such a long wait, I have been a busy busy bee.

We started our day going to Home, a nice little coffee shop. For my non-coffee lovers, the coffee did not really resemble coffee to me it was sooo sweet, so it is worth a try. They do not have a hardy breakfast, but they have toast, but not normal toast… extraordinary toast! I do not think I can describe it properly, so I will include a picture and a link to the menu below, you have to check it out. They also have cute little signs everywhere that say no laptops, it is my favorite coffee shop I have been to so far.

Finally, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This was so exhilarating while also being nerve wracking. I am slightly afraid of heights, I found myself attempting to stay closer to the cars than the edge. This got me thinking and even inspired me to research the issues about the Golden Gate Bridge suicide rate. I was more than thrilled to hear that the city of San Francisco is currently working on installing a net to catch people attempting to end their life on this terrifyingly powerful bridge. There is still more progress to go, and I would love to hear your guys opinions on how we as people can help more with this prevention if you have any ideas for me.

We also went to this cool little park known as Billy Goat Hill. It had a beautiful view, one of the prettiest I have seen, but it was super cold and windy, so we could not stay too long. I want to go back there one day and have a nice little picnic.

To continue the park trend, we went to Mission Dolores park which was super fun for people watching and a great way to end the weekend getaway. After that it was sadly time to head home. I am still sad to be home honestly. I cannot wait to go back to San Francisco. Any tips for me and my next trip? Let me know!



Golden Gate Bridge Support

Home Cafe

San Francisco    Part 2 San Francisco

Part 2 San Francisco

Part 2 San Francisco

Okay! Back again with San Francisco. If you have not read part 1, here is the link, San Francisco Part 1. I am still daydreaming about the weekend we had honestly. On Saturday of our weekend trip, we started the day off by going to my favorite place in San Francisco, the tile steps! I think I love it here so much because of the artistry behind the steps, and the beauty that they hold. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for art. I am in love with the colors, and the view from the top is like nothing else I have you to see in San Francisco. Also, how cool is it that it is just smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood! Could you imagine living a short walk from such a unique and breathtaking attraction? For being a well-known place, I was surprised that it was not crowded at all, and we had the stairs to ourselves for a while. If, and when I go back, I want to just take a good book up to the top of the stairs and hang with a sandwich. Soaking in the surrounding and basking in the sun on these steps would be a dream come true right now with the weather I have had the last two weeks.

After that we took a stroll down to a local, phenomenal breakfast place called Zazies! It was the best breakfast I have had since Australia and the best eggs benedict I have ever had. It is a cute but small place and super busy, so you have to be willing to wait (I promise it is worth it). Our table also shared a Carmel French Toast which was soooo sweet I could only have a couple bites but… Wow.

This was our big walking day, after breakfast we had to walk off all that food, so we went to Haight Street. This is my best friend Kayleigh’s favorite place. It is so hippie and fun I felt like I was stepping into another era. There is a lot of shopping, from vintage shops, to modern boutiques, and a lot of intriguing people. Although there are some wackos running around, I never felt unsafe and honestly found their presence kind of entertaining.

Our final stop before dinner was Ashbury. This is known for the Full House show with all the famous houses and park. This was a fulfillment of one of my childhood dream, like most my 20 something readers we grew up on this show, and my obsession surely has not faded with age. The park itself is beautiful as well to just stroll through on an overcast afternoon.

After all the pictures and walking we grabbed a coffee from The Mill, for my coffee drinkers, I am not a huge coffee girl unless it is loaded up with sugar but my friend Brena got a normal coffee but on nitro. I had a taste of it and it was soooo smooth it was something new to try and I liked it surprisingly. From there we went to another personal favorite… Sausalito.

Sausalito feels somewhat separate from the city, and honestly driving through it made me think I was driving through the hilly coasts of Southern Italy. We got dinner at The Trident, where we sat right on the water at sunset. I am hopelessly in love with Sausalito. The dinner was fantastic, I got a steak and I was having extreme nostalgia from Australia. There were just beautiful hints of those feelings as if I were back in Australia. This place is to die for. It was the perfect close to the night!

On to… Sunday! My final day in San Francisco!



Ranch Bucket Hats

The Trident Dinning 


The Mill Coffee

Zazies Brunch

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Mount Lemmon

Mount Lemmon

Tucson, Arizona does not host very much to do unless you put in the effort to find the hidden gems. It takes ambition, an empty stomach, and a Groupon account to really appreciate the surrounding area usually.

Tucson really is not as bad as I am making it sound, I promise! I’ve suckered my friends into attending nearly every sporting event because I have a blast cheering on our sports teams. Tucson also hosts some beautiful hikes along the Catalina Foothills and if you’re feeling up to it, the iconic Gates Pass is always there for your sunset photoshoots. All that aside… my all-time favorite place in Tucson is Mount Lemmon.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to the top of Mount Lemmon but boy, you will not regret it! It is like you have been taken out of the desert and dropped into the middle of Colorado.

Whenever anyone mentions Mount Lemmon, I have this affinity to magically appear. If I felt that my car could make it up Mount Lemmon every weekend, you would find me nowhere else. So, when my friends mentioned that they were going to Mount Lemmon you can bet that yours truly was joining them.

We stopped at Subway along the way, when we finally made it up the mountain one of my friends, Ryan, decided to show us a beautiful landing that looked out over the mountains and the desert below that did not even know existed. It is a pretty surreal sight, seeing oak trees suddenly give way to saguaro cacti! We sat there for a bit taking everything in and listening to some oldies. It was a fantastic morning and I could have sat there all day, but we had other plans! Ryan decided to show us his campgrounds which were “right down the hill”. I have always known that women’s spatial skill are superior to men’s (look it up, it’s fact) but wowza, Ryan just reaffirmed my beliefs. His “right down the hill” was about 100 yards down a cliff (okay maybe a slight over exaggeration but nearly a cliff) and through a grove of hedges.

I got slapped in the face by every branch along that mountain, but I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. My other friend Kayleigh was not as entertained at the time although we can all look back now and chuckle about our adventures. Even when we thought we were safe at the campsite, NOPE! Turns out we still had to climb down another hill. Now us ladies were not expecting too much physical activity on our trip so none of us wore very sensible shoes. Mix bad shoes with dead pine needles and a steep hill and things get really bad, really quickly. We made it down however (without serious injury) and headed back down the mountain.

After scaling the mountain, Ryan brought us down to the shooting range located at mile four. The extent of my gun skills is the Call of Duty game I sometimes play (on beginner mode). Turns out I am as bad at shooting a real gun as I am at shooting a virtual one (who knew). Even though I missed the target every time, we had a blast (get it?) and got to shoot some incredible weapons. It was a perfect day! The weather was 75F and I was surrounded by good company, good music, and beautiful views.

Cannot wait for our next trip up to Mount Lemmon, if you have any questions about Mount Lemmon just ask me, the EXPERT!



San Francisco

San Francisco

Hello my lovelies!

I am going to do a series on my recent trip to San Francisco, since we just did so many fun things! I always kind of like to space stuff out on the blog so anyone that is interested in one aspect of my trips can maybe get a more in-depth look at specific pieces instead of a big picture kind of post! So, keep an eye out for my other posts on San Francisco coming later this month!

Lucky me, I do not have school on Fridays so three of my close friends and I took off early Friday morning for this trip, so we would have an extra day to explore. We stayed at the Clift Hotel. If you are in need of hotel recommendations this is definitely a great place to stay if you want to be close to everything and in the heart of the city. The Clift is a short walk from Union Square, where all the shopping is, and it is also right around the corner from the famous San Francisco trolley. The trolley was a must do for me just because of the history behind it, and honestly, I am so glad I did ride it because it was so fun and enabled me to get a good look at the city! We took the trolley down to The Warf. This was an interesting environment on the water with tons of restaurants and random shops. There was even a magic shop at Pier 39! Pier 39 is the most populated portion of The Warf and you can see my favorite… Alcatraz from there. This was a life long dream of mine to see the infamous prison. The whole area reminded me a little bit of a carnival or SeaWorld, who knows why but those were the vibes I was collecting. We spent the afternoon at The Warf, got some lunch, and shopped around before making our way down to Ghirardelli (yes, the chocolate) Square. This was a nice day of sight seeing and shopping around. Although the majority of the day was spent in this area we also took a journey over to Lombard Street after visiting the Famous Buena Vista cafe!

Lombard Street was beautiful, I love the curvy road, even if driving down them would make me nauseous, and for February everything was so green and in full bloom. There was the prettiest tree with little purple lilacs all over it. I honestly loved walking the streets of San Francisco, even though they are basically giant mountains!! One suggestion I have is to bring good walking shoes you 100% will need them but the walking is a good workout, and a killer workout (my legs are dead).

For dinner we went to this great place called El Techo. It is kind of family style, or at least my group made it that way. We got a couple of different courses form the menu and shared them all. The Carne Asada tacos were absolutely delicious and my personal favorite. Next door is another restaurant called Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, we did not eat there so I cannot really give you an opinion on it, but it looked super unique and I implore you all to eat there if you are in town and let me know how it is, because I really want to go my next time in town (there will be a next time). They have a movie playing during your nice dinner too which in my mind is a winning idea.

That is pretty much how our first night in the big city went! I will be writing more on this trip and let me know if you have any questions for me and or recommendations for my next trip!



El Techo (best tacos of your life)

Drafthouse Cinema

The Warf info

Hats, as pictured in my header

Music Review

Music Review

Something I have never shared with you guys is my love for music! So I thought I would delve into that with you guys on this fine Super Bowl Sunday!

Ok so I have a soft spot in my heart for these talented guys. The first time I saw Odesza was a couple of years ago at Red Rocks in my home state of Colorado where we also manufactur all of our hats! They were undeniably incredible, especially at such a unique venue like Red Rocks, but I do have to say my second time was a different type of thrilling. I had the opportunity to go see them the second time in Sydney while I was studying abroad in Gold Coast.

First, it was incredibly cheap due to them not being as well known like they are in the United States. Second, the setting was completely different. The environment was more intimate, it was indoors, and the venue was relatively small. It was just your average theatre. Not better in any sense than Red Rocks, but just different. Luckily, because of the venues size though, we were front row. That is something you would potentially lose a limb over at Red Rocks. At this venue though we were able to make our way casually to the front without having to arrive hours early or be attacked by other eager fans. This is probably what made the concert so special for me.

The only thing I have to slightly complain about is the content of the concert. This was right after the release of Odesza’s new album, which I am utterly obsessed with and they only played two songs from it. I wanted more of the new album which they failed to deliver on at this concert. All in all, they were incredible and I hopefully will be going to seem them again soon here in America.




Our Hats!

Further Into Sedona

Further Into Sedona

Before our break was over and we would dive headfirst into another semester of school, my friends and I decided to escape for a daytrip up to Sedona.

We left as early as we could muster (granted we are college females so that was about 8:30am) and drove up to Sedona. Despite the fact that it was early January, it was in the upper sixties, so we decided to roll the windows down and listen to our music on full volume.

If you have never been to Sedona, you can liken it to the movie “Cars”. Sandstone spans the entire valley, vibrantly red against the cloudless blue sky. The town itself is small, with only about 11,000 inhabitants, but there are millions of tourists that come every year, hoping to enter the “vortex” (Read Gabi’s blog to get a better understanding of what that is) and align some chakras. Honestly, I don’t understand the “vortex” but we were asked to help locate it by some fellow tourist so evidently our camera bag totting bodies seemed to know what we were doing.

A friend of mine was meeting us along the main shopping strip (near the Pink Jeep Tours) for some lunch but since we were ahead of schedule, we stopped to hike Bell Rock. It was an awesome hike but very short from where we parked. You’re able to climb quite high in a short amount of time and once you get high enough, you have a beautiful view of Cathedral Rock and all of Sedona down below. It is definitely a hike you should do in some good shoes since some of the hills require you to use your hands to balance/pull yourself up, but the short exercise is definitely worth the view. Altogether it took us about thirty minutes to get from the parking lot to the upper third of Bell Rock and back. You could get higher than where we stopped on the mountain but I didn’t trust myself to not fall off the side, and I had food waiting for me 😉.

We ate a quick meal at the Canyon Breeze Restaurant which has a beautiful view of some of the red rocks and then we drove over to Devil’s Bridge.

The hike roundtrip is about 4 miles with a large part of it consisting of walking down a dirt road. Once you get to the actual trailhead, the hike gets much prettier and it only takes you about twenty minutes to get to the bridge itself. Although the Bell Rock hike was significantly shorter, I thought it was a little more vigorous than Devil’s Bridge. Keep in mind that our trip to Sedona was right after I came back from ten days in Wisconsin. Aka ten days of building up some insulation for the -30C weather that I had to brave myself against every time I walked outside.

Once you’re at the top, the view looks down on a beautiful valley. It faces east, so there are some problems with shadows depending on what time of the day you go. By the time we were there, it was about 3:30 and part of the valley was already in shadows. It was a bit overcast that day so the pictures didn’t turn out poorly but if you’re wanting to go for the prime photo opportunities, consider going in the morning or midday. There are plenty of millennials milling around at the top who will be more than qualified to take your picture. I got a few pictures looking over the cliff (reckless, yes; stupid, extremely) and sent them to my mother (who has a terrible fear of heights), and I can quite confidently say that she was not nearly as amused as myself. But hey, I’m still alive aren’t I?

Sedona houses some incredible shops showcasing incredible artwork, delicious food, and lots of goodies pertaining to spirituality and one’s connection with the “vortex”. It is an incredible place to visit and I don’t think you can ever fully describe the beauty of Sedona unless you visit it for yourself! If you enjoy hiking, swimming, meditation, or simply a good time Sedona is a place you must visit!