Review: The Bikini Bar

Review: The Bikini Bar


Okay, if you are a girl that wears a bikini, then I am 99.9% sure you have seen the oh so cute nylon bikinis with the crochet edges (I will leave a picture below). I personally have always loved this particular swimsuit style. It comes in a variation of colors and various vendors, but I was never able to pull the trigger on a purchase. This is mainly because I have friends with this suit and the nylon portion was stiff making it very difficult to wear, and the more comfortable the material becomes, the higher up the price went. Well ladies, look no further, I have found the perfect crochet nylon bikini for you. I went to the Byron Markets this month in Byron Bay Australia, and one of the stands was for The Bikini Bar. These bikinis are handmade, which I think was what made the difference in material, fit, and quality for me. They have a variety of colors and when you look at their website, endless styles too not just the crotchet ones I had been on the hunt for. I have worn mine to the beach four times now and its holding up great and the quality it still up to par. The nylon does not fold or crinkle in weird places, and the crochet is elastic making it comfy to wear and stretchy with tons of give. It is a lot better feeling than the strings on bikinis because I know for myself personally when I tie bikinis it sometimes rubs the back of my neck in an irritating way, but no strings on this bikini leads to a comfy wear for an all-day excursion to the beach. Also, these bikinis are echo friendly! Such an important topic to me especially when it comes to island style and marine life.  I would absolutely buy again from this home run business and as you all know since I work for a handmade hat company, Ranch Bucket Brands, I love supporting the handmade and organic product community! I will leave all The Bikini Bars information below and you can see for yourselves!






Phone: +61409445996





What is Ranch Bucket Brands?

As many of you already know, I work for this awesome company called Ranch Bucket Brands! It is a company based out of Colorado, where I was born and raised and I absolutely love everything they stand for and what I get to do for my job. Our founder, Brian, originally developed this idea through his passion for photography. His impeccable photography is the focus of all of our products. In my opinion, this gives all of the hats a unique and personal touch. All of our products are homemade, ecofriendly, and can be custom made! My favorite aspect of the brand though is that it is travel inspired. This is what initially drew me to the product because traveling for me, is the best gift that life can offer and to get to do it through my work shows how fortunate I have been through this company. The hats are all made with all repurposed materials and are organic. In today’s day in age we take advantage of everything that we are provided with, not taking a moment to consider how it might be harming our earth. I personally have seen the detrimental effects human kind can have on the environment, specifically watching it occur here in Australia at the Great Barrier Reef, only a few hours from me. Ranch Bucket hats are just one more way we can give back to the environment while still giving to ourselves. Best of both worlds! Another inspiring thing about our company is our mantra. Our mantra is “to encourage people to get outside, get creative, and look great while doing it.” I feel we do quite a good job of this with our brand and our worldly outlook. When it comes down to it though, the main reason I love our brand is the story behind them. Not one is the same, they are individual and unique just like every human being is. They are so easy to wear and there is not a certain type of person that can where them, it is universal. The same hats I wear out with a trendy outfit or just to the grocery store, are the same hats my boyfriend will throw on to go to the beach (he is always stealing my hats). I just thought it was important that as I continue to blog to y’all that you got a little window view into why I joined this rockin’ company! If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or message me privately, and I will leave a link to the Ranch Bucket Brands website as well just in case you want to check them out or make a purchase!



10 Reasons I Advocate for, and Am Myself, Traveling Alone

10 Reasons I Advocate for, and Am Myself, Traveling Alone
  • Grow Your Confidence

With no one else around, now you have to be the one to ask that stranger for directions. This is such a sure way to become self-reliant and grow into yourself.

  • Pace

You can move at your own pace. Spend the amount of time you want somewhere or on something. This is a guarantee that you will not get bored with your travels and your sightseeing.

  • Find Yourself

Cheesy… I know but it is true. How are you ever going to know how you act and think without constant influences that have existed throughout your entire life. (This is also the reason I moved away from home for college)

  • Affordable

I understand that traveling is expensive, but when you’re flying solo traveling can be cheaper! There are solo traveling deals all over the place, so I suggest doing research and focusing on being flexible. Since you are traveling alone, you only have one person’s opinion to consider and flexibility can lead to more deals as well.

  • Money

Going hand in hand with #4 – when you are young you do not have the money to travel, but when you are older and have the money, you lack the time and ability to enjoy the destinations to the fullest extent.


  • The Friendship

It forces you to meet new people you might not have met if you were traveling with a friend or family member. It is so much scarier traveling alone, when you are with someone you rely on them, confide in them, and unfortunately remain in your own bubble not really letting new people or experiences in. When you travel alone it pushes you out of your comfort zone which I think is essential in life to grow and to meet others. The friends you make along the way can be friendships that will last a lifetime and who knows maybe you can learn something from them too.

  • Lack of Judgment

You are presented the opportunity to do things without a voice of reason, (i.e. family or friends telling you no) you become unapologetically free to say and do as you please with no fear of judgement from others.

  • Distancing yourself

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, a cheesy but true statement. If you are not growing fonder, then it probably is not a valuable asset to your life. The people that mean the most will not disappear from your life because you take this time for yourself.

  • Speed

You have no one tagging along that you have to beg to get up early or push to do that wild thing you want to try. Along with pace, you set your own speed, and there is no one to force to keep up.

  • Lessons

Even if you find out you hate being alone, at least now you are aware of what you really want out of this blessing of a world we have been given.


I diverge on this final note, from one of my favorite TV shows, “We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want, and this I know, nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could change your life.”  Addison Montgomery Greys Anatomy.

Adventures in Byron

Adventures in Byron

My Review on Byron Bay New South Wales Australia:

I got the splendid opportunity this weekend to have a getaway in Byron Bay in New South Wales. I was more than excited (or as the aussies say “keen”) since the girls I am living with currently have been raving about their experience in the bay a couple weeks before. Byron is only an hour and a half drive from where I am currently living, which is basically nothing compared to everywhere else I want to adventure to. We left Gold Coast at about five in the evening on Friday, so we arrived at the hostel we stayed at, Byron Bay Beach Hostel (which should not even be considered a hostel with how nice it was I felt like I was in a hotel) we changed quick and headed out to dinner at Cheeky Monkey Restaurant and Bar. This was a great way to kick off the weekend. They served us dinner and then the cool thing about this place is after dinner they clear the dining area and the tables became a dance floor. I got especially lucky because they were having a special night where it was a paint party! I had a great time at Cheeky and would recommend it to anyone staying in Byron for at least one night out.

I got up the next day, and my luck again, Byron was having a beachfront market that I believe they only do monthly or something along those lines. I explored the market all throughout Saturday morning and even bought the cutest little bikini. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a sucker for festivals and markets. I just love walking around and getting the authentic food while supporting local businesses, coming from my own local business that I work for, Ranch Bucket. I explored Byron a lot on Saturday, got some beach time in, and checked out various shops. I went to two different restaurants on Saturday. For lunch, I went to Slo-Mo Joes and for dinner we went to Main Street Burger. Slo-Mo Joes was just around the corner from our hostel and my friend Veronica and I decided to try it on a whim… I am sure glad I did. Veronica got the most immaculate looking eggs benedict, and I being the child that I am, got mac and cheese. Not just any mac and cheese though, it was topped with bread crust and bacon. This mac and cheese had to be in my top five favorite mac and cheeses – and trust me I have had a lot of mac and cheeses – I would definitely recommend this place for brunch or lunch it’s easy to miss since it is down an alley but they even warmed up their homemade walnut brownies for me and they were impeccable. I also made a stop at Main Street Burgers. The highlight of this for me was the as they call them “chips” which to us American are fries, but these fries had the best seasoning with a mayo garlic sauce on the side. Just talking about them is making me crave them.

If you are looking for more night life besides Cheeky Monkey, Woody’s Surf Shack is my groups personal favorite.  That is where I spent my Saturday night and I have to say the staff was so friendly and all of my friends who tagged along had a blast.

My last day, I got up early in the morning and went ocean kayaking through Go Sea Kayaking, but if you are not into Kayaking there were many other activities like snorkeling and even skydiving, but since I have already been skydiving back home in Colorado, and I am a baby when it comes to cold water, kayaking kept me dry enough. My roommates did snorkel though and saw sooo much wildlife, just freezed their little booty’s off. While kayaking we saw quite a few whales. This is the time they are migrating through this area of Australia to get to warmer water to have their little whale babies. That was super cool to see and learn about! After that I relaxed on the beach a little before heading back to my home away from home. All in all, an incredible weekend well spent in a beautiful place. If any of you have further questions about the trip or Byron leave me a comment or send me a message!



Goals for Australia

Goals for Australia

I was thinking as my first week in Australia kicks off, I should outline what my main goals are for the time I have here. A lot of the goals are pretty generic for most twenty somethings no matter the location they reside in, but as I push forward in Australia I would love to get a bit more out of my comfort zone.

  • A Cliché but Goodie: Beach Time

I do not get a beach when I am home. I get a freezing pool and a desert. So, I plan on soaking up as much sun rays, water dives, and sandy toes, as I possibly can. There is something about the water that just has a piece of my heart and always will. I really hope one day to settle down somewhere close to the water. It never ceases to leave me in awe that the ocean is a place that we really know nothing about.

  • Get Good Grades

Although this is about the coolest thing I have ever done, my priority still lies with my education. I am here for school too, and I plan on maintaining the GPA I came with.

  • Create a New Perspective

I want to see things different. I want to appreciate smaller things more and release the trivial ones.

  • Bucket List Check Off

For me personally, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to cross something off one of my many lists I have created for myself. Australia holds a lot of places that have been on my bucket list since I was twelve. While I am here I do really want to be able to check some of those things off the list and be able to experience all I have dreamed of. It will just take me that extra mile on completing my list of big life moments.

  • Live More Carefree

I am a planner. I know in many situations this is not a negative, but the Australian lifestyle and vibe is very laissez faire. I want to learn how to let go and let be, become more spontaneous, and to let go of the reigns every now and then.

  • See the World in a New Way

Hopefully in a more beautiful way too, I feel like I am consistently shown a negative side of people and the world, I am ready to see the good.

  • Lastly, but certainly not least…

I want to get a picture of a Kangaroo in my Ranch Bucket hat! No one can tell me that would not be the coolest cutest thing ever! ~ Inspo by my friend Nathan


Lots to do, so little time, but glad to finally be here!



Hello Australia

Hello Australia

Late post, but I wrote this from the airport the other day on the start of my journey out to Australia. I have safely landed and am settling in quite nicely!

Today I left for Australia. At first it felt like any normal day, it did not seem very real just yet that I was leaving my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my country, and my Dutch Bros (if you know, you know) behind for six months. My parents came down to see me off, and the quality time was amusing and special as always. My dad is quite the character, that’s for sure. It was extremely hard to say goodbye to everyone, from my friends to my boyfriend. My friends, the ones still left in our college town for the summer said their final goodbyes after a relaxing night at my apartment watching the bachelorette – because we are a total clique – and eating all of my yogurt covered pretzels. Most of my goodbyes were done in May, but I have to say some particularly hard ones were my boyfriend and the friends that have made an effort to check in on me and actually show interest in my new big life move. I never cease to be amazed and humbled by how people come out of the wood works in our lives and surprise us on every level with their compassion and love through the simplest of things. I really do have to thank a few people for all of their love and support. For my friends, Peyton, I need to thank her for making me feel like I was important enough to celebrate my leaving and reminding me that I would be missed when I was already gone. Brena, my hometown friend for being my countdown buddy. She has been checking in with how I feel about everything for the last two weeks and never fails to remind me that I am going to have the time of my life and should be nothing but excited. Now, my boyfriend.  For loving me and supporting me despite my abandonment of him for around half a year, the countless Australia tips since he has already been there, and for being as excited as I am if not more. America, I am excited to go, I hope you are in better shape when I come back, but I will not travel places without being proud of where I come from because I really have had some of the best experiences and opportunities life has to offer in my home. Lastly my parents, coming all that way to say goodbye, supporting the dream… and funding it. I will never be too old to watch them wait until they cannot see me anymore as they wave vigorously until I cross behind that final threshold at the airport.

… so here we go.

Plans for the Adventure

Plans for the Adventure

Since I officially moving myself out to Australia next week, I thought now would be a good time to let everyone know the plans I have thus far for my time there. I am living in Gold Coast where I will be taking a few classes to finish off my last year of college. My schedule is light which leaves me plenty of time to travel on the weekends. That is what I want to do with most of my time, explore. I would like to get to a lot of different places and most of them are bucket list places for me (I am going to leave a list of places below and if anyone has any tips or suggestions to give me some more through information it would be appreciated). I want to knock out as much as I can in six months. I am most excited because one of my closet friends is coming to visit me! I have had a few pictures of her on the blog already but believe me, you will be seeing a lot more of her in August. She is visiting for the entire month and for all the weekends that she is with me I plan on doing weekend trips out of Gold Coast. Another exciting note is my dad is coming to visit! He is coming in the month of October and we would really love to venture out of Australia too. I am thinking New Zealand and maybe some Asian countries. These trips are completely up in the air and I would love some input on best places to go and cheapest places to fly or stay. Without further adieu…


-Karanijni National Park

-Joffre Falls

-Kalamina Gorge

-Wave Rock (is this super touristy?)

-Shark Bay (is it safe, is it worth it?)

-Ebor Falls

-Royal National Park

-Figure 8 Pool

-Great Barrier Reef (what is the best and cheapest way to experience this? Are shark dives cool and affordable)

-Springbrook National Park

(Are all the national parks super expensive, and should you camp?)



-Elephant Rock (is this hard to get to?)

-Abel Tasman National Park

-South Island

-Thermal Reserve

-Arthur’s Pass National Park

-Mermaid Pools

-Turquoise Glacier Melt

-Cathedral Cove

-Lost Thermal Pools

-Champagne Pools

-Glowworm caves

(Is October a good month to visit these places?)



-flower petal spa and bath (total clique but looks so relaxing)

*I need way more suggestions on places to visit here. I have not done as much research on the areas and must-see attractions.

Thanks again to my fellow traveler friends for all your help and tips so far, they have been so helpful and have really calmed me down in such an intimidating journey!