St. Patricks Day in Tampa

Most of the time people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Irish meals like corn beef and cabbage or Shepard’s pie but this year I was lucky enough to do something completely different. In Tampa, the day is celebrated downtown at a park called Curtis Hixon. The park runs alongside a river and on St. Patrick’s Day the river is dyed green to celebrate the holiday. There also many fun activates like Irish sports and foods to try while you are down there.

After being downtown for a little while, we headed back to my boyfriend’s house where they had a little gathering of family and friends. We sat outside to prepare the food we had, but it was not Irish food for the holiday. His family decided to have a seafood this year, and boil crawfish and oysters. I learned how to crack the oysters shell to be able to eat them and they were fantastic. The crawfish we had where flown in from Louisiana that day and we got everything ready to be able to go ahead and start cooking them. We got a huge pot and put it outside on the back deck and then threw potatoes, corn, onion, and sausage in the pot and let them soak up all the sauce and spices.

While waiting for that we gathered around the table in their backyard and ate the oysters. I was lucky enough to have my Ranch Bucket to stop the blazing sun form getting in my eyes. We were lucky enough to have great weather and clear skies unlike all the people up north still dealing with snow on the ground!

Finally, after three hours of cooking the crawfish were ready to eat and we moved inside to the dining room table. We inhaled that 25 pounds of crawfish. The time eating was spent with laughs and cheers to the company of family and friends being reunited once again. Stories were told and families all brought closer together under this holiday with great food and even better company.

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Weedon Island

Weedon Island

My life has been infused with tons of adventure and nature from living so close to the Tampa Bay. For as long as I can remember, my parents would take my younger brother and I out to the Weedon Island Preserve that has been around for thousands of years, in order to experience aquatic and onshore ecosystems. Many people walk the trails, boardwalks, and fishing pier to learn more about this fascinating preserve. It never ceased to amaze me how the city of Tampa would protect the wide range of diverse animals and natural resources located in this area. As a family we would take jet skis out along the banks of the island or paddle board through them to experience close encounters with numerous wild life.

Several years have gone by and I still constantly come to this place spending great weekends with friends that love adventure as much as me. The fishing is incredible throughout the protected mangroves. There is an abundance of fish, the most popular ones in this area tend to be Snook, Red, and Trout. It is so peaceful outdoors on the water, with the Florida sun giving off a strong heat. My Ranch Bucket gives me the perfect shade whenever I am on the boat or at the beach with my friends. Not only does it look great, but the fit feels perfect especially with any type of movement. The only problem was that all my guy friends were stealing it from me saying how good they looked in it…told them to get their own!

That same day we caught about six Trout and four nice sized Snooks. Both fish are great to eat but we decided to let them go back to their aquatic ecosystems to live another day (I feel guilty sometimes because I love animals so much). The sport of fishing has really become a hobby of mine, because of the exhilarating game that is combined with patience and fight on the water. Weedon Island Preserve gives this feeling to those who love to fish, which is why the location gives off a strong attraction. I wish everyone could see this beautiful environment to remind them the damages of air and water pollution.

I cannot wait to come back during my spring break and spend all my time on the water. Now I am back at University of Central Florida located in Orlando, so it is time for me to explore this busy city. So keep up to date with me!

New year, same world so take care of it!

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