Our Brand Ambassadors and Team

Brand Ambassadors

Peyton Mierau:

Arizona bred, Peyton attends the University of Arizona as an undergrad student studying a double major in Physiology and Nutritional Science. In her free time you can catch her either hiking, or searching Expedia for the cheapest flight to go on her next adventure. The top of her bucket list includes scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, and keeping her under water seems to be a good idea, since Peyton has an irrational fear of birds, especially pigeons! We cannot wait to see the adventures Peyton goes on with her Ranch Bucket in tote.

Instagram: @peytonmierau



Devin Folkman:

A freshman at University of Central Florida, she likes to spend her weekend fishing and at the beach! She is a marketing major who has lived in Florida her entire life, but she is no stranger to adventure. She has been sky diving and loved it, and she also is a puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs! Expect a lot of relaxing material from this girl and hopefully… lots of puppies!


Instagram: devvvin_folkman



Ryan Majka:

A junior at the University of Arizona, Ryan is our Chicago boy. He has an affinity for hiking, hunting and travel. This midwesterner is always down for a good road trip and lots of camping. Expect your typical Grand Canyon and hiking adventures from him, and lots of workout content too. He is always looking for the next best idea to get some exercise that isn’t the expected gym workouts (but he will do those too). Plan on lots of surprises from this guy and his Ranch Bucket.

Instagram: Rm_2317



More of the Team


Veronica Mccauley:

Our world traveling beauty, Veronica became part of the team during her journey in Australia! She continues to explore every little piece of the world she can and she never leave a new place without taking a handstand selfie! She attended school and Hawaii which really inspired her wanderlust experience. Watch out for this international superstar!

Instagram: da_vern04