Things I Am Addicted To

Things I Am Addicted To
  1. My Hydro Flask

If you do not already have one I highly suggest getting one. Not only do they come in a multitude of bright fun colors, but they keep my water cold for days literally DAYSSSSS. I have the large turquoise one. It has a sticker with my initials on it, front and center so no one can confuse my precious water bottle as their own. It goes everywhere with me too. Just ask anyone of my friends; the beach, the movie theater, it has been on a night out too… My number one recommended product.

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  1. Egg Sandwiches on English Muffins

I find myself eating these all the time any time of the day. You can cook your egg however you prefer, but my preference is scrambled with a little bit of cheese in them. The brand of English Muffins I have found to be my favorite are Thomas Original Nooks & Crannies English Muffins, but I know they have some really good gluten free ones out there too if that is a concern for you. All in all, not too shabby of a meal to be addicted to.

  1. Hats and Sunglasses

I have crazy obnoxious hair that is super curly and thick, so I am consistently using sunglasses, not to wear, but to hold my hair back and hats. As most of you by now know if you’ve kept up with my page, I am the VP of International Sales for a hat company called Ranch Bucket, so this has worked out in my favor when it comes to the messy hair department. I have a hat in every color so there is no outfit clashing, and they are all so trendy looking so if I still want to wear something cute but not do my hair it all flows together.


  1. Mac Highlighter

Specifically, Lightscapade #936. It is the only one I will buy when it comes to highlighter. Normally I try not to spend too much money on makeup but this is one of my splurge items. If you like this product as much as I do, I would also recommend Mac blush Just a Wisp #84 or Laura Geller New York Pink Buttercream #2256 which has a little darker and more bronzed outcome. As far as mascara and lips, I like my basic waterproof Loréal Paris mascara in Carbon Black #395 and for lips I have got a variety in the works, but when it comes to wanting it to last surprisingly enough the cream lip stain at Victoria Secret has done incredible work for me. It is called Velvet Matte and is usually up front by the cash registers. On top of that I do my Too Faced lip injection lip gloss.


  1. My Laptop

I honestly cannot sit in class without my laptop. I would probably leave a class rather than be there without my laptop. I need to be able to do something to keep my mind from wandering so my laptop is a must for notes and googling answers that the lecturer breezed through to quickly for me to copy down.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is something people supposedly swear by when it comes to losing weight. For me, I just like the kick it gives to my metabolism and it gets it moving for the day. Now I do not know if it is actually doing anything weight loss wise for me personally, but I like to think it is just keeping everything running smoothly internally! I usually have a small portion of it before lunch and dinner at least four times a week. It is really good for your skin and scalp too!

Can get at any grocery store:

  1. Getting My Nails Done

Once you get gel regularly it is hard to turn back. You just feel uncomplete without it, basically naked. I used to do some wild stuff with my nails when I was younger and have mellowed but still the addiction stands.

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  1. iPhone Case

I have many iPhone cases (including a Lumee… I know) my absolute favorite though is the one I have that holds my credit cards in the back. I often do not want to carry a purse and my phone never leaves my pocket/hand so this has been my saving grace.


Hello Australia

Hello Australia

Late post, but I wrote this from the airport the other day on the start of my journey out to Australia. I have safely landed and am settling in quite nicely!

Today I left for Australia. At first it felt like any normal day, it did not seem very real just yet that I was leaving my family, my friends, my boyfriend, my country, and my Dutch Bros (if you know, you know) behind for six months. My parents came down to see me off, and the quality time was amusing and special as always. My dad is quite the character, that’s for sure. It was extremely hard to say goodbye to everyone, from my friends to my boyfriend. My friends, the ones still left in our college town for the summer said their final goodbyes after a relaxing night at my apartment watching the bachelorette – because we are a total clique – and eating all of my yogurt covered pretzels. Most of my goodbyes were done in May, but I have to say some particularly hard ones were my boyfriend and the friends that have made an effort to check in on me and actually show interest in my new big life move. I never cease to be amazed and humbled by how people come out of the wood works in our lives and surprise us on every level with their compassion and love through the simplest of things. I really do have to thank a few people for all of their love and support. For my friends, Peyton, I need to thank her for making me feel like I was important enough to celebrate my leaving and reminding me that I would be missed when I was already gone. Brena, my hometown friend for being my countdown buddy. She has been checking in with how I feel about everything for the last two weeks and never fails to remind me that I am going to have the time of my life and should be nothing but excited. Now, my boyfriend.  For loving me and supporting me despite my abandonment of him for around half a year, the countless Australia tips since he has already been there, and for being as excited as I am if not more. America, I am excited to go, I hope you are in better shape when I come back, but I will not travel places without being proud of where I come from because I really have had some of the best experiences and opportunities life has to offer in my home. Lastly my parents, coming all that way to say goodbye, supporting the dream… and funding it. I will never be too old to watch them wait until they cannot see me anymore as they wave vigorously until I cross behind that final threshold at the airport.

… so here we go.

Spiders In Aussie…

Spiders In Aussie…

I am moving to Australia, and I am deathly afraid of spiders. I know everyone has their own fears, some realistic some irrational, and believe me, I am well aware that my fear is a common one. A fear of spiders does not make me special in anyway, but what I do find insane is that I chose a place to reside for the next six months that is home to some of the largest and most terrifying spiders in the world. This fear makes me super generic, and a total clique, but I am sure most of you are wondering why a girl with an irrational fear of spiders would choose AUSTRALIA to spend an extended amount of time in. The pros of Australia obviously outweighed the cons (i.e. Spiders) so it was not going to deter me, but I would be lying if I did not admit I am a little nervous about it.

I think what initially sparked my fear in spiders was fifth grade lunch. Growing up you had the option to bring a sack lunch to school or you could get hot lunch from the school itself. I personally always had a lunch my mom made for me but in the fifth grade we were given an account where we could now pick and choose our food and charge it straight to the account our name was under. This meant I know longer had just a single option from the hot lunch line. I could get just a cookie and not the meal, I could get a milk but not have to purchase a sandwich, I could mix and match. This lead to me constantly buy bags of chips. My mom did not have a large amount of junk food in our house so whenever I could get my grubby little fingers on the “good snacks” I did. One day as usual I got in line and picked out a generic bag of lays potato chips. I paid and returned to my table with all of my little fifth grade friends, and I opened my bag of chips. I ate three or four chip no problem, not really paying attention, when my hand reached back into the bag for a fifth one it hit something that was definitely not a chip. It was a dead spider, but not just your average run of the mill spider, it was a huge black spider the size of a chip if not bigger. As you can imagine I had a complete meltdown in the middle of the cafeteria. This is where the fear of spiders really began for me.

Fast forward a little bit, we moved into a new house when I started high school and it was our first time in a long time having a basement. It was furnished and had a ton of amenities, my brother and I spent a lot of time down there… at least at the beginning. One day we were playing Wii and my brother pointed out that there was a weird clump of things moving in the corner, we moved closer to investigate only to see upwards of twenty spiders crawling all over each other in the corner. I immediately scrambled up the staircase screaming for my mother, and believe me my brother was close behind. Turns out they were brown recluses, so we were not allowed in the basement for a while after that (not that I even went down there again). For those of you that do not know about brown recluses, they are super deadly when they bite you and if it is not treated immediately the consequences are super serious.

I guess with that all being said my question is as I embark on this incredible journey in a spider invested country, do any of you who have lived in Australia or traveled to Australia have any tips on how to avoid the spiders while there or things I should be watching out for? What types are the deadliest or most common? Please! Calling all my Aussie peeps, ease my mind!



2017 Goals

I know we are half way through 2017, but I wanted to talk about the goals I made for myself at the beginning of the year and my progress on them. I feel like this is a way to keep myself accountable. I am not a huge resolution girl, but regardless of what time of year it is, I feel like we should demand changes from ourselves even if they are accomplished gradually over time. With that being said, here are the goals I made for myself to carryout throughout the year of 2017 and hopefully create the good habits that can continue on in the future.

  • Let Things Go Easier

This one was a difficult one for me. I tend to hold onto things and take everything so personally that it is hard for me to forgive and let things go. I feel like I am doing a lot better at this one, but at a slight cost. I feel like in an attempt to let go of things I have lost a lot of my fire and passion, so the goal for the remainder of the year is to find the balance between the two.

  • Speak Kinder to People

I have been attempting to use nicer words and specifically my struggle is my tone and attitude even when I am frustrated. I think we could all be a little gentler with people and take in account other perspectives.

  • Do What Makes Me Happy

It does not matter if anyone agrees with what I want to do or if people think the path I am taking is settling. It is not anyone’s life choice or experience but mine so stop letting others influence my choices.

  • Travel

This one I am doing a really good job of accomplishing. With school and the busyness of life, its only half way through the year and I have gone quite a few places. I have visited home, Miami, San Diego, Utah, various places in Arizona, and even explored my own town a bit more than usual. To look forward to… I am moving to Australia! Who knows where that journey will take me, maybe New Zealand, Bali, and Indonesia… we will see!

  • Eat Healthier

An on and off again battle for me. When I am doing it, I am really in it, but when I break the schedule all hell breaks loose. If anyone has tips on addictive food that are not potato chips, I need you in my life.

  • Good Grades

When I made this goal at the beginning of the year it was really important to me, and not that it is still not important, I still plan on getting good grade and I have been doing really well, but when I look at it now all typed out in the scheme of things it is really not as important to me as I thought it would be. I graduate in less than a year and to think I have spent the majority of my young life so centered around this one goal kind of makes me nauseous. There are so many more life changing things I plan on focusing my energy on these coming months, but I sure do not plan on not working hard and earning the grades that I deserve.

  • A Healthy Body

I feel like this is such a clique girl goal that we all find ourselves putting on our lists every year universally. It is something I want though but not in the traditional sense. I do not want to be self-conscious in a sea of other girls when out at the beach just like any girl, but I think more than anything it is not that I need my body to change, but my mentality. The goal is to stop comparing myself to others.

  • Stress Less

I am working on my need to stop getting upset and worried over things that will be irrelevant in five years. I have been told five years is a good span to measure things on. If you cannot see it effecting you in the next five years or influential in your life, let it go. It does not have a right to burrow deep into your mind and disturb your inner peace.


  • Save Money

This one is key, I want to save not because of normal reasons of comfortability and the nice ease and transition into adulthood, but to mainly continue to travel. Also, anyone who knows me knows I have had my dream house built on pinterest and various other sites over the last eight years. It is one thing I want in life that I do not have to tell myself no to, or that it is too expensive. I want it to be one thing where I can feel free to bring the dream to life with no budget. I have been investing in a lot of different things and opening many accounts this year to grow my current savings, so if any of you have good stocks to invest in or any tips and tricks on your own investments leave me a comment below!


What are your goals, short term or long term? Accomplishing goals is a lot easier with a buddy by your side to do them.



The Thing About Angels Landing…

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Zion National Park out in Utah. It was a six-hour drive from me, which is not too miserable, easily doable with good company and good snacks. Those essentials can make any ride. We arrived in Springdale, where we stayed, late Friday night, I would say about two. This did not stop us from getting up at five anyways to be the first in the park – one thing about me is I DO NOT do lines, I am so impatient with that kind of stuff, a serious flaw of mine. We did the majority of our hiking on Saturday, if you want the details of any of those hikes or information on them, comment and let me know and I would be happy to write about them too, but the hike most of my focus has been on is Angel Landing. Angels Landing is an infamous hike in Zion National Park and even around the Unites States. We got up early Sunday morning to do this one, because when it really becomes dangerous is when the crowds of inexperienced hikers roll in. For those of you that do not know anything about Angels Landing, it is a rated five hike, known as difficult and has claimed the lives of five people along with many reports of close calls. I am including all of this as a warning/disclaimer not to deter you from attempting this breathtaking hike. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike and I am so glad I mustered up the courage to complete it even though I almost peed myself a couple of times. It is not a hike for the faint hearted. Essentially Angels Landing starts off like any other hike you can take in the park. You travel through some forest areas and at this time of year it was straight out of watercolor painting. The greenery a stark contrast to the reddish rocks, just striking. Then you move into “Walter’s Wiggles” a series of steep switchback which knock the wind out of you. The real challenge begins when you get to the top of the wiggles though. The hike turns into a steep journey, you travel up slick, loose rocks on a narrow path. The path has no railings preventing anyone from the fall off the monumental cliffs. The only safety precaution are chains welded into the side of the mountain to grasp onto as you scramble up the landing. With careful footing and always remaining on your toes, it is not too challenging of a feat to the top. The trouble arrives when it becomes crowded and people begin to try and pass one another coming up and down. Now that I got the scary stuff out of the way… The view is the most incredible thing I have yet to witness in my life (and I am normally a beach girl). It looks like a scene out of Jurassic World or the setting of Avatar. The colors are absolutely incredible, and the structures are something out of a fairy tale book. I would recommend this hike to anyone capable of accomplishing it just so they can take an hour to sit at the top and soak in the beauty this world has to offer. This is hands down my favorite hike and I do not see any other hike I take being able to top it. If y’all would like any more details about my Zion trip or about other hikes in the park let me know! I also have some pretty Zion pictures I posted yesterday y’all can look through and I attached a few more here! What are your favorite hikes? Can anyone give me a good recommendation for my next trip?




For my next post, I thought I should start off with a little about my own personal story! The current chapter in my life is all about college. I am a student studying Criminal Justice, Finance, and Spanish (I know I am all over the place) and I will be graduating next May. I am graduating in three years which is quite honestly bittersweet but I am excited to see what the next page of my book has in-store for me. Who knows, maybe Australia is a part of that next chapter. I am originally from Colorado, and although this was a great place to grow up I am a southern girl at heart. My whole family resides in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. I was raised by two, strong, independent but benevolent parents and I have a teenage brother that is an all-star in about everything he does – especially sport. As of right now I am attempting that diet switch from poor college kid that only eats ramen, to the more health conscious version of the twenty side. That being said, all ideas on new recipes and food to try will definitely benefit me so please please please leave me some comments and tips on that! Aid my health kick! I am obsessed with yogurt covered pretzels and popcorn though if we are talking snacks. To continue my cry for help, I also would welcome tips from anyone familiar with Australia, New Zealand, or Bali before I kick off this crazy new adventure. A little more about my current life, in the last year I was an author for the Tab and the Odyssey. I have always had a passion for writing, so blogging is already so fun for me. My other commitment in life is my sorority! I love being a part of a group of incredible women and honestly without my sorority I would not have met some of the greatest and most accomplished women that I have encountered. I am in Kappa Alpha Theta for anyone familiar with Greek life, and I love talking about my experiences with it so any questions on that I am also willing to elaborate on. I like to think I am just a giant ball of spunk, and have been since around the age two. I could go on and on about childhood stories but let’s just say they range from asking my dad in all seriousness if “trees pee” and being bribed with a dog so my parents were “allowed” to keep my brother (maybe there will have to be a separate post on those stories…). I was always a character, and I hope Australia is able to bring that child in me back out again in a sense. I think all of us get excited to start a new chapter no matter how scary it can be sometimes but I am so ready for this next great adventure!

-xoxo Gabi­­